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Swimming Through Jello

6/8/19 Workout

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Saturday, 6/8/2019 Pool Workout

Saturdays are indoors/yards. I guess the school has a set back on their HVAC for the summer and the exhaust in the pool is not good... whether that or just still being fairly weak, I just didn't have a second gear today. Got the work done though!

600 done 2x(100 fr/50 br/50 fr/100 bk)

2x4x250 :60 RI
1- 200 fr/50 fl
2- 150 fr/100 br
3- 100 fr/150 bk
4- fr
Rd 1 - fr p/st dr; Rd 2 - fr desc/st fast(ish)

6x50 dr/sw ez 1:00

4x{25 fl b :30
50 bk/br work turn :55
75 fr b 1:15
100 IM k fast 1:50}

200 warmdown


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