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Swimming Through Jello

6/14/19 Workout

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by , June 14th, 2019 at 08:03 AM (219 Views)
Friday, 6/14/2019 CrossFit Workout

Warmup - rowing, plyos, stretching, jump rope

Strength - Bench Press - 45/10, 95/10, 135/10x5
//Upper body strength is not so great still. Need to focus on that a bit more.

Conditioning - "Annie"
Double Unders
//PR on that by 5 seconds, I'll take it.

Working out might be a bit spotty this weekend. Going to be redoing my basement floors (and fixing some spots in the drywall that have gotten wet with the ridiculous amount of rain this spring. Will try to get something quick in the garage Saturday and/or Sunday.

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