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Calvin S

Sunday 6/16/19

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by , June 16th, 2019 at 07:45 PM (1731 Views)
AM LCM @ Miami (OH) University "Summer Classic" Day #3

400 swim every 4th 25 scull w/ SNKL
9x50 @ :10 rest
1 - kick
1 - 25 drill/25 build
1 - 25 FAST/25 EZ

5x50 @ :15 rest V.K. 6 fast FL kicks/12.5 UW/12.5 EZ/12.5 FAST/12.5 EZ

50 EZ
100 EZ

50 BK - 34.83 - My throwaway event for the day. Continued with the theme for the back half of this meet: strictly sprinting! Not much to say about this race other than I am still not a backstroker, regardless of distance!

50 FL - 28.51 - Had a great start and breakout, but faded down the stretch with my turnover. Was very happy to be well under 29 seconds.

100 BR - 1:14.52 (34.2/40.3) - Great first 50, but lost my form on the second 50. Head started to move around and my hips started to ride too low in the water. Would have loved to have gotten the Sectional cut (1:13.69), but at least I know I can definitely get it when fully rested (if I choose to swim it).

200 Medley Relay - BR - 30.70 - Clock may have been wrong on this one. Certainly did not feel like a 30-point! By this point, my hip flexors were so sore from all the sprint breaststroke this weekend.

Total: 4150 (there was a lot of warm-up and warm-down in between the events)

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  1. Doug Martin's Avatar
    Thats a nice fly Calvin!
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Great meet Calvin!
  3. Calvin S's Avatar
    thanks guys!