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Calvin S

Saturday 6/22/19

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AM LCM @ M. E. Lyons YMCA "Summer Cuda Classic" Day #1

It is amazing what a week of heavy training will do to you. Here I was, a week ago, with only a minuscule amount of rest, sprinting like a champ. Today, back to my regular middle distance repertoire, I felt like I was swimming through soup.

200 BK - 2:51.55 (1:21.67/1:29.88) - I lost my legs big time on the back 100. Not only did I lack a kick, but my legs felt like I was dragging two cinder blocks through the water.

200 FR - 2:19.71 (1:07.79/1:11.92) - Again with the no legs. My freestyle has felt like it had a spring in its step all week, but today, when it came time to race, it just felt sluggish.

400 FR - 4:59.66 (1:11.19/1:16.42/1:17.32/1:14.73) - First of all I had to wait FOREVER to swim this event. I had great walls and found myself grabbing a little more water than I did on the 200, but again, felt sluggish. Also not sure which genius decided to schedule the 200 FR and 400 FR back to back.

Total: 2900

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