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Short Workout in a New Pool - Monday 6/24/19

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So my kids and I traveled to PA this weekend to spend some time with family, which means I had to find a place to swim. Small town PA doesn't have a lot of options but I did manage to find a local YMCA... only problem is that it's VERY old, and actually has all metal walls which to be honest freaked me out a bit! I did get in a quick 2700, and will probably go back tomorrow. Note - the pool was scy so adjust the intervals if needed.

W/U (1000):

300 sw
300 k
200 IM dr/sw
200 pull

Main 1 (600):

4x150 k -> sw
1 - sw @ 2:00
2 - 50 kick fast, 100 swim @ 2:20
3 - 100 kick fast, 50 swim @ 2:40
4 - 150 kick fast @ 3:00

Main 2 (1000):

4X {
100 IM @ 1:30
100 free smooth @ 1:15
2x25 sw IMO by round @ :30}

100 easy

Total: 2700

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  1. aztimm's Avatar
    Where in PA are you at? I grew up near Wilkes-Barre and visit periodically.

    You're right that pools are few/far between. But in summer you should be able to swim open water! If you're out in the sticks, there should be a state park nearby. When I visit in the summer I enjoy visiting a few. Here's some good info:

    Along with state parks, many cities and counties have their own parks. After visiting Jim Thorpe once, I swam in Mauch Chunk Lake, which I think is run by the city or county. Not the best o/w venue, but better than being cooped up in an indoor pool with poor ventilation.
  2. rmjenkins14's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip! I'll check out the open water site. I'm in Latrobe, outside of Pittsburgh - we get up here about 2-3 times a year
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    Looks like Keystone SP is very close to Latrobe, like 10 minutes. According to the website, they have a beach.
    I'd definitely check it out sometime and see how it looks.

    I played water polo in college, and I remember going to a tournament at IUP. That's a bit further (about 40 min) from Latrobe, but might be worthwhile. I remember their pool was nice, well at least nicer than my school's
  4. rmjenkins14's Avatar
    Yes! IUP is close by. I didn't even think of that one. I think I've actually been to Keystone SP when I was a kid, they do have a little beach there and I think open swimming. Amazing what you forget when you've been away long enough. Thanks for doing all the legwork! Where did you play polo? My husband played in high school but swam instead in college, now he does Masters and goes to some tournaments each year, just did one in New Orleans in Feb.
  5. aztimm's Avatar
    I was on a polo club for Kutztown University. It is just a Div II school no athletic scholarships, and many sports were clubs (they did have a proper men's swim team then). Most of the sports/clubs competed in I think the PSEC league; basically the various Pennsylvania State Universities. Our main competitor for most sports was Millersville. IUP was about twice the size of Kutztown, but they were still in the same league.
    The main reason I went to Kutztown was the cost--$1500/semester, most of which was paid for by a state veteran grant (nearly made money factoring in GI Bill). Plus it was close to home, yet a bit too far to commute. I really enjoyed my time there.