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Calvin S

Wednesday 7/24/19

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PM LCM w/ Trip @ LRRC
CORE7 post swim

12x50 @ :15 rest FR kick H.A.S. w/ SNKL

8x100 @ 2:00 BEST AVG FR kick w/ BD (1:44-, 1:42-, 1:42+, 1:44+, 1:46, 1:52, 1:48, 1:43)

100 EZ kick/dolphin dives

Total: 1500

Not too bad on the FR kick. Man, LCM FR kick with a board is just the pits. It's soooo good for leg strength, but it just sucks soooo much. I went on 2:00 to keep pace with Trip who was swimming them on the same interval. Numbers five through seven probably would have been a lot faster and closer to the other six times if I had more rest!

- statue of liberty sit ups (no weight)
- single leg v-ups
- full body crunch
- crunch (:30) to sit-up (:30) (RD1), sit-up (:30) to crunch (:30) (RD2), crunch to sit-up alternating (RD3) w/ 6# mb
- sit-up with arms raised above head
- streamline hold (RD1/RD2), leg hold 6 inches off ground w/ 6# mb between legs (RD3)
- flutter kicks (RD1), leg hold 6 inches off ground w/ 6# mb between legs (RD2/RD3)

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