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Calvin S

Wednesday 7/31/19

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CORE7 post swim

5x100 @ :20 rest FR kick H.A.S. w/ SNKL
400 FL kick w/ fins + BD

6x50 @ 2:00 SPRINT FR kick w/ BD (:41-, :41-, :43-, :45+, :47-, :45+)

4x100 @ 1:45 FL kick w/ fins + BD

Total: 1500

Wow, I crashed and burned on those six fifties. Not sure why I felt so awful after #2.


- table top shoulder tap (RD1/RD2), high plank to low plank (RD3)
- plank rotations (RD1/RD2), low plank bird-dog (RD3)
- half knee wood chop w/ 10# db
- butterfly sit-ups
- single leg v-up (RD1/RD2), table top crunch (:30) to table top hold (:30) (RD3)
- half burpee (RD1/RD2), full burpee (RD3)
- low plank knee tucks w/ gliders (RD1/RD2), low plank human saw w/ gliders (RD3)

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