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8|7|19 LCM

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Carried an object (5x 8 5/16 sheet plexiglass) ~100 yards overhead last night then right shldr ached, arm/hand tingled. Must be a nerve getting compressed when theres inflammation. Today swimming, had a familiar weakness during the loaded point in stroke. Need to force self to throttle back certain activities.

Arrived at pool were on lightning hold so were closing. There was no lightning within 10 mi. Drove to second pool and behold - thunder. Even though an indoor pool, on weather hold so I had ample opportunity for warmup. The 80F water was a shock to my warm-water acclimated system, but it felt so good to just cool off finally.

500 fr snorkel

6 x 15m fr fast on 0:20 rest
  • 2nds and 3rds from dig mid-pool

12 x 25m fr fast fins on 0:30 rest
  • every other from mid-pool

2 x 50 as ~20m fr | 30m bk with fins

300 fr easy with snorkel and fins

50 flutter fast | 50 frog

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Updated August 9th, 2019 at 11:37 AM by __steve__