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8|22,24,25|19 lcm scy

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by , August 25th, 2019 at 11:21 PM (335 Views)
8|22 LCM about 1000m ez various stuff in 50m increments

8|24 SCY meet
warmup: 100 yards and 15 minutes light exercises and mobile stretches to wake body up
50fr nb 26.86 1.6 faster than 5 months ago, but still slow
100br 1:22.78
250 yards total

8|25 SCY meet
warmup: light stretches and random ez stuff
50bk 34.25 didnt use the classic start technique, just dropped down and pushed off. Left shldr socket still too loose to attempt as I learned a few weeks ago.
100fr 1:02.93 - had an embarrassing loss of balance rolling over forward in to the pool off the block before the start. They were kind enough to let me try again lol. Unfortunately I used up a few seconds worth of energy climbing out of pool as fast as possible, and everything seemed off after, like I breathed twice one stroke cycle off turn #2. 5 seconds slower than 4 years ago, at least 5 seconds faster than 5 months ago
50br I forgot to get this times tenths, but it was 2 seconds faster than 5 months ago, and 2 seconds slower than 50-54 age group best of 33 something
200 yards total

Meet was fun, water wasnt too cold, weather perfect, and was good to see coach

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