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Haven't Posted in Awhile!

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When I signed on this morning and realized I have posted since August - Yikes! I've been working on a swimming blog/website of my own, so pm message me if you want to check it out :-).

I have been training hard just haven't been keeping up with online posts, so I'll get back into it today with the Breath Control/Technique workout I did. Enjoy!

W/U (900):

300 swim - 100fr/bk/br

12x50 @ :50 w/ fins
o - free w/ 3 dolphin kicks off each wall + 3 strokes before a breath off each wall
e - IMO drill

Main (1800):

3X [
1x300 @ 4:30/4:15/4:00 by round
1x75 @ 1:15 - 3 breaths, 2 br, 1 br by 25
1x25 @ :45 kick on back
1x50 @ 1:00 - 2 br/1 br by 25
1x50 @ 1:00 kick on back
1x25 @ :45 no breath (or 1 breath)
1x75 @ 1:15 kick on back]

*You can bank the rest after the breath control 75/50/25
*1st round - 300 is pull w/ buoy + pads, 2nd round 300 just pads, last round fins whole round

Sprint (200):

8x25 @ :30
e - easy choice

100 easy

Total: 3000

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