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Club contacts, coaches and ALTS instructors.

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by , November 19th, 2019 at 05:35 PM (1016 Views)
Q: Are club contacts, coaches, and ALTS instructors recognized differently in the USMS registration database?

A: Yes, and its important to know how they are different. Each provides an essential function and plays an important role within our organization.

Club contactsare the individuals who identify themselves as such during the club or workout group registration process. The club contact is given access by USMS to edit club information in the USMS database and to perform the annual club renewal. These individuals access their clubs database via a dashboard located on their personal My USMS profile.

The club contact is the individual who receives important information from USMS that relates specifically to clubs and workout groups. All inquiries from prospective members generated by the USMS searchable database Club Finderor from USMS marketing campaigns such as Try Masters Swimming Week go to the club contact. It is the responsibility of the club contact to respond to the perspective member or notify the individual at the club who is responsible.

Clubs represent our organization at the local level and are often the first contact for a prospective member. I hope youll treat that individual in the same manner you would like to be treated under similar circumstances with a timely, professional, and courteous response.

USMS certified coaches and ALTS instructorsare the beating heart of our organization.
Both, if applicable, should be listed by the club contact on the clubs profile. When a USMS-certified coach or instructor is listed in the club profile, a corresponding badge is posted on the clubs Club Finder page. Currently, coaches and instructors do not receive information emailed directed to the club contact unless they are one and the same person. Therefore, if they are not the same person, it is imperative that the club contact share pertinent information with the clubs coaches and instructors.

Enhancing the swimmer experience remains our North Star. Teamwork between all responsible parties will help ensure our direction stays the course.

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