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Wednesday Workout Revival

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Hey all,

Thought I'd post this workout I wrote from September (when I wasn't posting much). It's a little bit of aerobic swimming with some good sprint/breath control at the end. I'm only 4 days out from my second swim meet of the year so today I'm just doing some recovery. I'm taking on the 200 free at this meet, hopefully I make it through! It was always one of my best events but least favorite...

W/U (900):

4x125 @ 2:00 - 75sw/25dr/25st

8x50 @ :50
o - dr/build
e - smooth swim focus on stroke count

Main (1200):

6x200 swim @ 2:40/2:35/2:35/2:40/2:30/2:35
*start with your aerobic base pace and vary by: p/p-:05/p-:05/p/p-:10/p-:05

Kick (400):

4x75 k w/ fins @ 1:20
4x25 k fast no fins @ :30

Sprint (600):

1x50 fast @ 1:20
1x25 1 breath (2 breaths rd 4) @ :30
1x25 fast @ :30
1x25 easy @ :30
1x25 no breath (1 breath rd 4) @ 1:10 (for ~1 min rest between sets)

*Rd 1&2 swim free, Rd 3 free w/ fins, Rd 4 fly

100 easy

Total: 3200

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