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Meet Results!

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Hey all! Yesterday I did my second Masters meet ever (it's hard to find meets around the Memphis area so I have to travel) and I'd call it a success! I finally tackled the 200 fr and it was a little off what I thought I could go, but for the first time in my swimming career I was thinking, "this is kind of fun!"

I have never once thought a 200 free was fun, so I consider this meet a win no matter what my times were. I met some more great people, hung out with friends and got to bring my kids along. The funny part is my daughter will be swimming in the exact same pool two weeks from now for a meet of her own.

Anyone else have a meet coming up? If so, good luck!

Here were my events and results. It was a SCM meet which I find a bit odd but, still fun!

50 free: 28.09
100 free: 101.29
200 free: 2:16.93
50 breast: 38.72

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  1. rmjenkins14's Avatar
    Thanks! What are you planning to swim? Where's the meet?
  2. rmjenkins14's Avatar
    Thanks! I agree - it is such a beast. And it was always the kind of event where you dove in and instantly knew if you were going to feel good or bad.