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I had a good set of 40x100 planned for today, but when I got to the pool it was GREEN. Like green green (see below). Apparently the power went out last night and the pool was still trying to recover. I really tried to swim through it, and 20 years ago I would have been able to but I couldn't power through today, it was too gross. I got through 1500 before I had to get out. BUT if you have a nice healthy pool to swim in today, here is the set I was going to do...


5 fr swim @ 1:30
5 bk swim @ 1:30
5 fr pull b+p @ 1:25
5 br swim @ 1:40
5 fr w/ pads @ 1:20
5 IM swim @ 1:35
5 fr swim @ 1:15
5 k w/ fins @ 1:30

Feel free to add a w/u & w/d if you need it - my plan was to use the first 5 swim as warm-up and the last 100 kick easy warm down.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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