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Swimming Through Jello

Back for a moment!

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by , January 2nd, 2020 at 12:59 PM (690 Views)
So... obviously I've been off of blogging for a month here.

Usually I'd work out in the morning, and then log my workout over coffee at work. But, on Nov 25th my wife gave birth to a little baby boy, and among all the other changes, I had a month off work and I wasn't on my computer too often! I've still been able to maintain a pretty consistent workout schedule, just haven't been logging it. I'm not particularly fast right now, but I'm getting back there.

Anyway, this was about the most eventful year of my life.

I swam at a USA-S sectional meet in March and had one of the best meets of my life at age 30.

I had a major UC flare right after, followed by pancreatitis as a side effect of new drugs to handle the flare, and ended up spending a week in the hospital and losing 30 pounds. Went on Humira, which left me susceptible to two different c diff infections. Fought those off, and as of early November I've been clear and been on a new drug that seems to be working well. I'm almost back to my pre-sick weight after a couple dips from the c diff, and I'm working on building my strength back up. Hopefully the swimming speed will come with it.

In October, one guy in my work team of four was fired, and I picked up a good deal of his responsibilities. So the couple months before baby were really hectic at work! But I think it's been good for my development and exposure there.

And then, as mentioned, my first child was born in November. Which is the biggest change in my life ever, very rewarding, but the most difficult challenge I've ever undertaken. It's hard to be completely responsible for another life!

I'm going to move my workout log to paper, but I'll come back to post fun practices/sets, meet recaps, that sort of thing.

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Congratulations! You will do fine