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Swimming Through Jello


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by , January 3rd, 2020 at 12:16 PM (350 Views)
4x200 SKiDS 3:15 IMO
6x75 p o-br4, e-br7 1:15

First fun set of the year coming up. I came up with this one as a riff on a 400 IM set that was my college coach's favorite. Goal is to descend each set of the 100 IMs in addition to within each set. Take an extra :30 after each set of 25s to get the fins off.

2x100 IM D1-2 1:45
8x25 fr/fins :25
150 fl/bk/br fast 3:00
8x25 br/fins :30
2x100 IM D1-2 1:45
8x25 bk/fins :25
150 bk/br/fr 3:00
8x25 fl/fins :25
2x100 IM D1-2 1:45

100 ez

And this is my go-to breaststroke speed set now after I wrote it as part of a bigger set for a Saturday a month or so ago. 100s are to give the hips/groin a breather while keeping heart rate up a bit.

3x{1x25 br k in streamline :30
1x25 2k/1p br :30
1x25 long glide br :30
1x75 br D1-3 1:30
1x100 fr A1-3 2:00}

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