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1|14|20 LCM

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by , January 14th, 2020 at 05:33 PM (429 Views)
500 bk with fins 8:01
5 x 100 with fins as 50fr/50dr on 3
50 flutter kick in 0:50
50 ez fr

Left shoulder felt little loose and aching from weights yesterday, so I got out

Legs and back still sore from 1.5 mi run 3 days ago

Weights/drylands all parts except calves

Sore from saturdays 1.5 mi run

Did annual AF fit test
50 push-ups in 1 min
50 crunches in 1 min
1.5 mi in 12:12 (2017 did 10:32 with run training)
score: 98

Very painful running hard without any running over 12 months except occasional 50 second treadmill warmups. If my hips didnt bother me I would actually train for it.

I started out way too fast - one of the runners goes all out from the start. I had no sense of pace due to zero running outside of 50 sec treadmill warmups. I understood this person was going much faster than a normal 1.5 mi pace but I did not want to fall to far off, so I convinced myself I was going at a moderate pace. After about 1 minute this pace rabbit just suddenly starts walking! Reality hits me and I was borderline about to collapse as my body started to slow down. The remaining 11 minutes had to be one of my top 3 most painful runs.

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