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Monday Aerobic Motivation

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Today was kind of a "where am I at?" test in terms of my aerobic base after taking about 4 weeks off. It's not pretty, but it was a start and went better than I thought. I'll be using longer aerobic sets as the main set for the next couple weeks to try and build my endurance back up. All said and done, this took about an hour today. Happy swimming!

W/U (700):

300 sw fr/bk/br x 25
100 long glide br
4x75 @ 1:30 dr/sw/bu

Main (1200):

12x100 @ 1:25 swim - try to keep under 1:15

100 easy

Sprint (200):

8x25 @ :30 - fast/easy, easy/fast, fast, easy x 2
*I did all free but you can do first round fr and 2nd rd stroke

Stroke/Drill (700):

4X [ IMO by round
25 pull w/ pads + buoy
50 swim stroke
50 kick stroke ]

4x50 @ 1:00 w/ fins + pads
swim free - 6 dolphins off each wall + 3 strokes before a breath. No breath in/out flags.

100 easy

Total: 3000

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