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Calvin S

Saturday 2/8/2020

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by , February 8th, 2020 at 10:54 PM (367 Views)
PM SCY @ UALR "Valentine Invitational"

300 swim every 4th 25 head-up scull
200 kick 25 FR/25 BR
2x100 @ 1:45 k/sw/dr/bld
#1 - FR
#2 - BR

2x50 @ :50 FR
#1 - BUF
#2 - @ 200 PACE

25 DIVE FAST BR (13.9)
275 EZ

200 FR - 1:51.60 (26.05/28.15/28.70/28.70) - I tried a new strategy for this race. I tried to be strong and fast on the opening 50, but without the legs and dialing back the turnover. At the 50 turn, I came off the wall and pounded the legs for the middle 100. Then I just tried to bring it home. The race was great and I am happy with the time and the splitting, but wish I had more opening speed (a theme to be repeated today). Lifetime best is only 1:49.9, so this wasn't far off.

600 EZ (100 swim/100 kick w/ BD) w/ SNKL

300 swim
2x50 @ :10 rest BR kick w/ BD
2x25 @ :15 rest BR pull w/ paddles
2x25 @ :15 rest BR swim w/ fingertip SP
4x25 @ :15 rest V.S. BR

100 BR - 1:01.95 (29.21/32.74) - So this was my first 100 yard breaststroke in almost 6 years. As I expected, especially with the lack of top speed BR I have been doing in practice, my walls were awful. Pullouts felt great, but I mistimed all four walls. I also had bad opening speed again, definitely a bigger deal for a race as short as this. I was definitely happy to be 1:01. It gives me a glimmer of hope that with work, I could maybe dip back under 1:00 again. This race was EASILY a 1:00 swim if I had nailed all four walls.

100 EZ

Total: 2700

SHOUT OUT: Trip, Doug, and Dr. J on some great swims. What this drop taper tells me is that I definitely have some speed potential with rest. I had only just felt like I was hitting my peak training speed again before I backed off. Definitely excited about what I can do with a full taper. However this may be my only chance to taper, much less race, short course yards this season. My main focus will be the LCM summer season!

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