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Calvin S

Sunday 2/23/2020

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by , February 23rd, 2020 at 09:54 PM (298 Views)
PM SCY Solo (but Trip and Michael spectated while they did 10x200) @ LRRC "If he can vlog it, I can blog it"

500 swim (150 FR/100 BK)
400 pull w/ paddles + SNKL
300 50 FR/50 BR kick w/ BD
200 I.M. drill

6x50 @ :50 D1-3, 4-6
3 - FR
3 - BR
8x25 @ :35 V.S.
4 - FR
4 - BR
100 EZ

All from a dive. All Breaststroke. ALL OUT.:
150 @ 6:00 (1:42) + 200 EZ
125 @ 6:00 (1:22+) + 225 EZ
100 @ 6:00 (1:04+) + 250 EZ
75 @ 6:00 (:46+) + 275 EZ
50 @ 6:00 (:29+) + 300 EZ

10x100 @ 1:20 FR SMOOTH w/ fins + SNKL

Total: 4750

So the "he" in the title would be Cody Miller. I lifted this workout from his vlog. The only thing I changed was the EZ swimming after each rep. I am pretty sure the IU group did the set where you just stand around marinating in your lactic acid for the whole six minutes. But yeah, I am 35. I ain't built for that. The set was draining enough with the extra swimming built in!

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Do you think theres any benefit to 5 min static glycolysis between all outs, like on the buffering system?
  2. Calvin S's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by __steve__
    Do you think theres any benefit to 5 min static glycolysis between all outs, like on the buffering system?
    I think when you don't swim out and just stand around it forces you to use different energy systems sooner. In layman's terms, the the absolutely dogsh*t feeling I have on my 5th rep of 6x100 @ 5:00 starts at like #2 or 3 if I am skipping some sort of recovery in between. Which I guess teaches me to push through the pain sooner? But usually when I do dive sets, or lactate sets, I want to be at the top of my game as much as I can be every time I step up on the blocks.

    I have another set that is similar that I KNOW has a "no warm down" component. May try it out in a week or two. I will post the results here, unless I die attempting it!
    Updated February 24th, 2020 at 10:08 PM by Calvin S
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    When I swam with a masters group in AZ, we'd do something similar. A sprint on a long interval, then the opportunity to do a cool-down swim. I always took advantage of the easy swimming in between, but not everyone did. Sometimes we had set lanes for, "racing," and we had to move to another lane for the easy part, depending on how many swimmers were at the workout.
    As I've gotten older, I've found that I'll last longer and keep up some speed longer if I do some easy swims in between rather than just stand around and stew.