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Wed 02262020

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by , February 26th, 2020 at 04:54 PM (635 Views)
AM solo swim @ Sendero Springs Pool (SCY)

when I got there no one was in the pool. they had just done a water change (they were starting on Saturday when I swam). lifeguards told me that the water temp was about 76F. I think they were hoping that I'd leave and they could stay in their warm room, but I said, "that should be fine," and I got in the water. compared with Barton Springs (around 70F) it wasn't bad. I adjusted my workout a bit, not as much rest, to keep myself moving.

warm-up: 2000 (at the 400 point I was doing 75 free/25 stroke, and did 75 moderate/25 fast toward the end)

100 kick w/fins + board
4 x 125 w/fins, done as drill/swim/stroke/swim/drill
100 kick w/fins + board
900 swim w/fins (done 175 free/25 stroke, with 100 swim at the end)
25 swim w/fins
25 fly w/fins
150 swim w/fins
100 kick w/fins + board

850 free (overshot that one)

50 done breast/free
50 done free/breast
50 free
50 breast
50 easy

400 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy

200 w/d

TTL: 5600 yards, 91 minutes (my breaks were quite short!)

butterfly: 25 yards
backstroke: 350 yards
breaststroke: 450 yards
freestyle: 4475 yards
kick: 300 yards

kind of a boring workout. I almost just did a long straight swim, since I really didn't want to stop. but after a few hundred yards the water temp didn't feel so bad, especially considering that I swim in 70F regularly. I have a rule that I need to do at least 10% of my pool workouts of non-free, and some of every stroke. sometimes I'll do more fly, but at least 25.

I did about 5-1/2 miles (about 3 hours) at Barton Springs on Sunday, and it was wonderful! I've started to mix in a little stroke, usually after I push off of the dam (usually on even laps). otherwise my hands will sometimes start to fall asleep from the constant freestyle (well they still do anyway, and I kind of shake them for a bit during my stroke). I felt like I was the only person there for most of it.
unfortunately (well overall it is a good thing), Barton Springs is closing for annual maintenance starting on Saturday, for 2 weeks. I might do a rare weekday swim there on Friday. Deep Eddy (has basically the same water, but into a pool that is 33-1/3 yards long) will have extended hours, and I'm sure I'll go there to make up some training. I was hoping Lake Travis would be warm enough by the time of the annual maintenance, but I don't think so.

On Monday, since Sendero was closed, I ended up in the gym pool for just 4500 yards. it is 2 lanes/25 yards, but there was a rather large person in the other lane (created more turbulence than I get at Barton Springs), and someone shared the lane with me for a bit. I'd rate that as a tougher swim than today.

after treadmill/weights on Tuesday, I just did 1600 yards in the gym pool. had it to myself and it wasn't bad, other than going in somewhat fatigued.

overall, I feel much better going into SCAR this year than last. last year I only swam at Barton Springs once before SCAR, and this year I've swum there 5 times already.
I'm at 110 miles for the year, last year same time about 90.
In addition to getting to Barton Springs more, I want to get to a real lake (probably Lake Travis) a few times for something closer to real conditions.
last week I got in about 30,000 yards and hoping to peak at about 35-38k before I begin my taper (just have to stay healthy!)

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