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Sat-Sun: 0229-03012020

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by , March 1st, 2020 at 10:02 PM (672 Views)

AM 'solo' swim @ Deep Eddy Pool (100 feet or 33-1/3 yards long)

A swimming friend who lives in Houston contacted me last Thursday about coming to Austin for work and some swimming options. We arranged to meet at Deep Eddy in Austin (Barton Springs is closed for annual maintenance) for their 6am opening. I got up and got myself there, and after that I checked my phone to see a message, "sorry, I didn't sleep well, I won't be going." (I gave her grief and she went to swim after her work on Saturday)

anyway, there was one other guy there, who I knew from Barton Springs. we got in together and I figured I'd pace off of him. he checked the water temp before we got in, and it was 70F, so I put on a cap.
I got into a good rhythm with my swim, and lapped the other guy about every 10 laps. I was counting as if the pool was 25 yards, and about the 2500 (SCY) mark my cap started sliding around a bit. so I stopped and took it off. around that same point, the guy who started with me got out, but another guy got in who was almost right at my pace. at one point he was swimming with paddles (maybe a buoy too), and I kept up with him. I did about 3500 (SCY) until I felt I needed to stop for feeds, and was hoping I had hit the 10k mark. I was around 9400. so I did another bit to finish around 10,100 yards.

I rarely do long, non-stop swims like that, but the cool water just felt so good, and I got into such a good rhythm.

Distance: 10,133 yards
Total Time: 2:37:05 (total watch run time, including breaks)
Avg pace: 1:33

this is from the bottom of the stairs. you can see the empty beach-entry play pool (there are a few lap lanes on the end), and the full lap pool.


the guy who I started my swim with texted me late Sat saying he'd be back at Deep Eddy. but we had plans to go out to breakfast and check out the botanical garden this morning.
I ate too much for breakfast (Magnolia Cafe, actually very close to Deep Eddy), and even after we got home (around noon), I was still full. around 1:30 I decided to head over to Sendero, for at least a recover/shake out swim:

Solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

1500 w/u (got into my 75 free/25 stroke pattern)

100 kick, fins/board
6 x 125 drill/free/stroke/free/drill w/fins
100 kick, fins/board
900 swim w/fins (3 rounds of 75 free/25 back, 75 free/25 back, 75 free/25 breast)
100 kick, fins/board

50, 25 breast/25 free
50, 25 free/25 breast
50 easy free
50 breast (watch recorded :30, but I'm not sure of that)
100 easy

300 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy

250 w/d

TTL: 4750 yards
Backstroke: 375 yards
Breaststroke: 475 yards
Freestyle: 3600 yards
Kick: 300 yards

I intended to swim 3-4k, just stretch things out. water was warm, especially after Deep Eddy. but I'm glad I went, felt better leaving than I did when I arrived.

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