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6|24|20 LCM

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Waited 30 minutes for a spot to swim. Spent the time doing drylands -push-ups, pullups, and #25 high rep DB shoulder presses

6 x 50 as 20.3m 6-7UWDK +2-3 fr strokes / ez bk to wall
5 x 20.3m 6-7UWDK +2-3 fr strokes on much rest
  • did 12’s and up

2 x 50 flutter kick kinda fast

Discovered my own little secret tip (dryland activity) that utilizes muscle control in order to maintain a tight neutral position used for primary UW’s as well as all other swimming to lesser extents. Balancing yourself upside down on one of those yoga shoulder platforms found on amazon. Regular handstands work too, but are a little too demanding to concentrate right

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Updated June 24th, 2020 at 10:31 PM by __steve__