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Calvin S

Sunday 7/12/2020

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AM LCM w/ Wife @ LRRC "Recovery"

Air Temp: 82
Pool Temp: 82

1000 assorted swimming, drilling, kicking, and sculling (with my wife)

4x100 @ 1:20 (1:18, 1:18, 1:19+, 1:18)
1:20 REST
3x100 @ 1:20 (1:16+, 1:17+, 1:18)
1:20 REST
2x100 @ 1:20 (1:16, 1:17+)
1:20 REST
100 @ 1:20 (1:16-)

Total: 2000

SHOUT OUT: My wife, who is not a swimmer, decided to join me. Doing 1000 meters was difficult at times for her, but proud of her for toughing it out. I know she is mad at me for making her do the last 50 without stopping

I know she doesn't read this blog (although she knows of its existence), but I will just say again, I love you. It is always nice to swim with your biggest fan*.

*Not named Trip Strauss

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Congratulations to her.
    That’s enough to no longer be a non-swimmer in that sense