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Swimming Through Jello

8-31-20 Workout

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by , August 31st, 2020 at 11:45 AM (65 Views)
8/31/2020 Pool Workout

Bit of an easier technique-driven day today. Was able to push myself as practice went on though.

700 continuous 100 fr d1-4/100 NF
600 continuous k 100 fl (front/side/side/back) 100 br (front/back) 100 fr (front/side/side/back)

8x75 1:40 side k/6-1-6/sw o-fr e-bk
8x75 1:30 w/pads side k/6-1-6/sw o-fr e-bk
8x75 1:10 w/fins+pads side k/6-1-6/sw o-fr e-bk
//These were working on balance on sides and strong rotation.

9x75 1:10 IM/bk/fr - d1-3 on fr

175 ez


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