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Swimming Through Jello

A Few Workouts

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by , October 12th, 2020 at 12:13 PM (165 Views)
Thursday, 10/8/2020 Garage Workout

5 min general warmup

Snatch Balance - 45/3, 95/3, 135/3, 155/2, 180/2, 190/2, 200/2, 210/2, 220/2

5 rounds
10 DB MCl + Press 25#s
10 burpee pullups

50 glute raises

Friday, 10/9/2020 Pool Workout

Crestview Middle School - LCM

4000m workout, I don't remember everything... it was all aerobic with the Rockwood masters group.

Then 4.25mi hike with Gabe on my back.

Saturday, 10/10/2020 BarX CrossFit

Got to drop in the old gym with my wife since Gabe stayed the night at my parents' house.

5 min general warmup
2 rounds 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 situps, 20 sec HS hold
Power Clean warmup to 205#

30 minute cap - goal 30 rounds
5 wall balls 20#
1 power clean 205#
28 rounds + 2 HSPU

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  1. Karl_S's Avatar
    "Crestview Middle School - LCM"
    What the heck middle school has an LCM pool?!
  2. JPEnge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karl_S
    "Crestview Middle School - LCM"
    What the heck middle school has an LCM pool?!
    Apparently a pool where the club team in the school district and the school district itself split the cost to build it. I guess it's the main summer pool for Rockwood Swim Club.