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Calvin S

Thursday 10/22/2020

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by , October 22nd, 2020 at 12:53 PM (113 Views)
AM SCY Solo @ LRRC "Recovery" or "Sending My Shoulders On Vacation"

10x100 @ :10 rest FR kick H.A.S. w/ SNKL

10x200 @ 2:50 FR kick w/ fins + BD

8x125 @ 2:00 FR kick H.A.S. w/ fins + SNKL
odd: last 25 UW FL kick
even: first 25 UW FL kick

Total: 4000

In other news, Tuesday morning it was officially announced that the LRRC will not be putting up the bubble over the SCY pool this winter. So it looks like I will be swimming outside all winter. Any of you Northern California/Southern Florida readers, @ me with tips :P

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