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Swimming Through Jello

11/30/20 Workout

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by , November 30th, 2020 at 02:41 PM (250 Views)
Took the week off work Thanksgiving week, but still did workouts. Some lifting Mon/Thur/Sat/Sun, swam Tu/Fr. I don't remember everything but nothing was really mindblowingly exciting. Still stuck at Crestview 85 degree SCM hot tub, and will be for the next week too.

Monday, 11/30/2020 Garage Workout

5 min general warmup + barbell warmup

Power Jerk + Split Jerk - 95/1+1, 135/1+1, 165/1+1, EMOM 185/1+1x3, 195/1+1x3, 205/1+1, 215/1+1, 225/1+1, 235/f
//All mental on that miss. Just can't get myself to get under it! Next week.

7 rounds
7 SDHP 75#
7 bar facing burpees

50 v-ups unbroken

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