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Saturday Masters Workout 1/9/21

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Late post from Saturday's masters workout. It was a cold day but the pool was great - this workout credit goes to our masters coach, not me, but in the spirit of logging everything in 2021 here it is. If you get a proper warmup, this will be 5k +

Choice 10-15 min (I only did 100 because I got there late)

Pre-set (1650):

3x100 @ 1:30/1:25/1:20 by round - swim
3x50 @ :50 drill
100 smooth @ 2:00

Main (3000):

3X[ 1st round no equipment, 2nd round fins, 3rd round choice equipment (I did IM)
3x200 @ 3:00 desc 1-3
6x50 kick @ 1:00
odd easy, even fast
100 smooth @ 2:00 (built in rest between rds)

choice warmdown (We were out of time so I just did a 50 to round it up to 4800)

Total: 4650 + warmup & warmdown

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