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Almost Friday - 3500scy

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Hey all - sharing the full set I intended to do today if I'd had more time, but I had to cut it short. This is a go-to workout for me when I haven't planned, you can easily change it up based on what you're feeling for the day. Only had 45 min today so I wasn't able to finish but I'll post the whole workout.

1x500 Warmup (100 fr, 25 stroke RIMO)

2x400 pull @ 5:20

3x300 kick @ 4:30 w/ fins
1: first 100 fast, the rest smooth
2: middle 100 fast, the rest smooth
3: last 100 fast, the rest smooth

4x200 @ 3:00
odd - IM
even - FR

5x100 free @ 1:15

Total: 3500

* I had to stop after the 4x200 and just do 100 easy cool down because my 45 min were up, but if you have time, keep the 100's! My total today was 3100 scy.

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