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1|15|21 SCY

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by , January 16th, 2021 at 01:13 PM (156 Views)
500 ez fr snorkel
500 bk fins
250 fr snorkel
50 floppy fish
250 fr snorkel
50 floppy fish
2 x 50 one arm fr
250 kick as 25 flutter/25 frog
750 various other drills and stuff mostly with fins
2 minutes bubble rings while waiting for changing room

Stroke efforts kept at minimum - lingering rt medial epicondylitis. Been close to 4 months with one shot in October, need to let it heal properly. It took 3 visits to ortho over one month to get the cortisone shot. Perhaps if I got the shot on first visit as I requested it wouldn’t have gotten so bad. Medical industry is now the insurance industry.

Need rotate to right slightly more during freestyle to get left arm more relaxed during recovery - a little loose now and is clicking if not relaxed. The more I swim, the better my shoulder becomes so long as I limit the all-out fun stuff. Pinky first entry seems to be an excellent technique.

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