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Fat Man back in the Pool

The Fat Man is still swimming

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by , July 17th, 2009 at 01:36 PM (2243 Views)
But over the last couple of months it has been hit or miss. A lot of travel as the company does some retrenching and I am running compliance checks before we turn stuff over. Scouts have had their time too. Swine flu cancelled two of my events on the day before they started, so it had been a bit of rescheduling. Other issues include the high school graduation of the daughter and subsequent family trip to NYC, College tours, Church Meetings, and the occasional bad weather that shuts down our pools and you end up with not many workouts done since the last post.

Been lurking on some of the threads and watched the one on "masters swimmers behaving like triatheletes"

Thinking about that, I wonder how many folks are like in the USMS program. We have been there and done that as youth with various degrees of success and have competed on a masters level for a while. For me it was age group 11-18, a year in college, and the first round of Masters from 28 to 34 competing on a zone level competitively but not a top 10er ever.

But now as I approach 51 and have only been back in the water on a semi-regular basis with a team that practices T TH and Saturday evenings for an hour. They do have more opportunities an am group and the self described desperate housewives that swim at noon, but I don't need to be up at 4:30 ever again.

I am not sure I have much of a desire to compete. I know I have no desire or need ever to swim backstroke. I do enjoy the work outs and the camaraderie of the team and I am content with that. I may decide to swim in a meet later when I feel that beer mountain has been sufficiently reduced, but if I don't thats ok too.

I have logged workouts as notes on my Facebook and it is interesting to see the commentary from my non-swimmer friends.

Last night -
Aquatic Center 50 M LCM
Work out starts at 6:15. No time to get that last minute email out around 5 - 5:15 or you get stuck in traffic

400 Swim - Did 300 with traffic
10 x 50 Kick even free, odd choice
8 x 100 Swim even free, odd choice
3 x 200 Pull (Swam 200 BR, 100 Br, 100 Br)
100 warm down.

We are not a large yardage bunch. It can get intense with intervals, and not knowing what comes next.

But the fat man will keep putting one hand in front of the other and dragging himself through the pool.

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