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Mon Nov 24: PM Weights

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by , November 24th, 2008 at 11:51 PM (386 Views)
Got home with just enough time to squeeze in a quick weights set before dinner....not quite my whole routine, but I'll take it:
chest press (with machine), chest flys (machine), chest press (dumbells), chest flys (dumbells), triceps curls (dumbell), triceps pull downs (machine), lat press (machine), biceps curl (dumbell). Finished with about 70 elevated situps, 20 of them Rocky-style. Maybe 50 min or so; sometimes when I have a limited time I move faster, watch my rest times between sets more, and actually get in a better workout than when I have more time.

Usually run on Tues mornings, but I'm doing field visits with a district manager, so I'll swim so I can get out to North Phoenix easier (beat the traffic from home into town). Depending when we finish, I'm hoping to get in a run late tomorrow...either near my office (around the zoo/botanical gardens) or along Tempe Town Lake.

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