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Tues Nov 25, PM Run

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by , November 26th, 2008 at 12:20 AM (373 Views)
Tues 25 Nov, PM run
I was determined to get in a run tonight. With turkey day quickly approaching, and my vacation starting next week, I want to try to prevent any unnecessary weight gain. I left my office in an attempt to get a haircut, but my barber had already left by the time I got there. Since the shop is on Mill Ave, I figured I might as well make the most of it and do a Tempe Town Lake run.
Nike+ Graph detail: aztimm_run_11252008
Run details-- distance: 7.86 miles, time: 1hr 3 min 58sec, pace: 8:08/mile, calories: 975
temp at start: around 78, and humid (for here), at finish: around 75
Some people say Tempe Town Lake is the best place to run in the area, others say it is the worst. I'm somewhere in the middle. A very nice benefit of doing night runs there is that it is extremely well lit. It is also fairly well marked, with markers ever 1/4 mile, if you want to do some sprints.
I began with iPod trouble; I figured I'd walk down toward the Art Center while my iPod rebooted, and it took almost the whole walk. So I began at the Art Center, ran back to Tempe Beach Park, under the Mill Ave bridge, and up to the Rural Rd bridge (all along the South side of the lake). From there, I went up to the Rural Rd bridge, took it to the north side, went back down lakeside, and continued on my Easterly path. The Town Lake path converges with the Scottsdale Greenbelt. There are underpasses wherever roads meet (I went under both Curry and McKellips). Just North of McKellips is a lake in Scottsdale, I ran around that, then headed back South (it is close to McKellips/Hayden). Just as I was going under the McKellips underpass, I ran into a group of bikers, some kids with a guy--who turned out to be someone I swim with (I paused briefly but really didn't want to screw up my run).
Overall, it was great to run in a different area, I think I had been getting stale doing the Consolidated Canal near my house most of the time. It was very busy when I started, not so bad once I got off the lake, and just a few people when I finished.

Planning to swim tomorrow morning, lift tomorrow night.

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