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Fri Jul 31: AM Swim--fast Friday

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by , July 31st, 2009 at 02:23 PM (560 Views)
Made it to swim with the team this morning, 6am @ the ASU SRC (SCY)
--did 70 pushups and held the plank for 1:20 before leaving home (plank all w/ forearms on foam roller)
--air temp was about 86F, water around 82, with aerators on at first
--pretty decent sized group, 5 in my lane and I went 2 or 3 most of the set

around 300 warmup choice
12 x 25 @ 0:35, cycle 3 (dist per stroke, turnover, combo)
6 x 50 @ 1:10, build

5 x 5:00 swims choice
we had a variety going on in my lane; one other and myself did 200s fr, one guy did 200s back (last a 400), another guy did 300s, and the other no one could figure out
came in on 2:30, 2:25, 2:23, went off the block on #4 and did 2:21, then 2:23 on the last
did an easy 50 after each

200 easy cool down

total: around 2150 yards

I really liked this set. Felt pretty smooth, except that one off the block really hurt between the 100 and 150. My intent was to do 4 and 5 from the blocks, but really got wiped out after doing one.

Tempted to ditch weights and do a double tonight, we'll see how I feel later today. Could mix things up with 1-2 of 200 fr, then some 100s, even a breast.

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