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Fat Man back in the Pool

7/30/09 Fat Man in Hot Water

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by , July 31st, 2009 at 02:33 PM (3304 Views)
It was over 100 yesterday as I headed to the pool. The aerators where going full time but the water temperature was still warmer than I would prefer.

Aquatic Center LCM

300 Warm up

4 x 200 - odds IM, evens Free on 3:30, I led the first half as a lot of folks were late getting in. First IM felt real strong, no piano drop on the fly, just smooth turnover. Not much rest before the free started. Folks joining in voted to move to 3:45 interval. 2nd IM was dragging on the fly, and not near as smooth through out. bagged the 200.

100 easy

8 x 100 odds IM/drill, evens free build on 2:00
100 easy

8 x 50 odds IM order, evens free fast on 1:00
100 easy

Shoulders hurt from this one. I would have loved the workout if the water was 10 degrees cooler.

Been looking through old work out logs from my first stint as a Masters Swimmer (pre FatMan) and the logs run from 1983 to 88 when I moved to Austin. Mileage seems to be the same, only the interval and the girth of the swimmer have changed in the current workouts.

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