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M.I.A. of L.I.F.E (Laps, Intervals, Fun, Endurance)

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I have been dealing with alot of distractions that keep me from staying true to my WOs. Traveling, celebrations, family accidents, business matters, etc.

I went to the Ed Gaw Amelia Island 5k swim at the tip of Fla. and it was awsome. It is so far away from this writing however, that I feel its memory slipping away. Ah yes, I just got a flash of being in the perfect temp. ocean water on a clear day and charging with a hop. skip and a jump toward the first bouy. It seemed like forever, but I kept my stroke long, relaxed and steady.

I kept invisioning things like my coach at the side of the pool with her arms stretch out like a monkey reminding me to climb the water long and tall.

I thought about my Dad if he were alive... on the side lines saying, "Com'on you can do it!

I had planned on pulling out my surfer racecar driver friend Peter for help when I just thought I couldn't go any farther and I did.

At one point I smelled cigarette was a kayaker...drove me nuts.

"Where's that dam bouy!" I remember screaming out loud to nobody on several occasions.

Sometimes in the distance I saw two other bright green caps. I used them as competion I was determined to catch but never did.

I am very thankful to the kaykers for keeping us all coraled. I would have other wise been all over the place.

I used houses on the sidelines like people I was passing in a hands waving over and over again.

Finally, I saw the finish bouy! I rounded it and headed to shore. When I stood up I felt my whole body shift and not in a good way. My legs ached as I crossed the finish line with all my might.

I won my age group!!!! But most of all my time makes me very, very proud of the hard work I did leading up to that very moment of 1:35:24 for my first 5k.

Now time to get back to the drawing pool.

P.S. Good Luck to everyone at the Nationals!

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  1. KEWebb18's Avatar
    I am so happy to hear that your 5k went well! Your time is awesome!!
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    It was so much fun...have you ever done open water swim?