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The pool is being cleaned until Monday...

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by , August 27th, 2009 at 11:10 AM (2764 Views)
but that is just an excuse for not swimming a hard work out. There are other place I could go. I really can't say what the problem is except like a pouty child I am stubbornly crossing my arms and saying "I don't want to!" "So there!". The only thing I know left to do that might break the spell is to set a goal and tell me, myself and you that "I pomise to go to the pool on Monday when it reopens." I hope this breaks the spell. I do know that in the past when I wrote it down in this here blog/ made it happen... Hope it works...

What I have been doing is

whitewater kayaking at the whitewater center. I gotta get ready for the Gualey River that runs with a big festival in West Virginia the months of Sept. and Oct. It is a beauty of a place up there, but if I don't prepare it could swallow me up.
I have been studying and training to become an Advanced Open Water Diver. Even though I have now recieved this certificate I still have mucho to learn.
Been diving off wrecks in the North Carolina Coast. This was awesome... and diving oysters in the Quarry! The Oyster Dive is an event where about two hundred divers showed up and we went treasure hunting for orange painted oyster that were worth nice prizes like dive trips, regulators, BCD's and other neat stuff.
This weekend if the weather allows we are off to the coast to see another wreck on the botton of the sea.

But my biggest regret is my swimming seems to be slipping so...
So with a hand shake I say to you...
"I flippergirl promise to swim a good work out on Monday."

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