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Saturday Nov 21st, 2009, SCM MEET DAY 1

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Saturday Nov 21st, 2009,

University of the Incarnate Word (SCM) Masters Meet

4301 broadway san antonio texas

sponsored by Adrian Montoya.

with Longhorn masters swimmers
jon smiley, tyler, marcio, kendall, kristine, erin, amy, max, larry, fred lemaistre, & ???

arrived at 8:00 am

felt good in warm up

decided to not swim the 4 x 50 medley relay, our chances to break record was iffy plus I wanted to be fresh for the 100 IM

wore a brand new Blue Seventy Nero Comp
which I love & will sorely miss if (when) it's banned for masters

100 Individual Medley
went 1:00.14
splits 27.02 33.13
45 - 49 MEN'S WR was 1:00.29
went 1:00.32 last year
bk to br turn coulda been better
SDKs Fl 8 , bk 10, not many on FR
really hurt bad glad it wasn't a 200


50 Breaststroke
went 31.50
swam right next to tyler "the miler" blessing
he went 31.6 so he told me he got razzed
I'm just glad he swam a 400 fr before the 50 br

100 Backstroke skipped to rest up to lead off the 4 x 100 medley relay

4 x 100 medley relay (200 - 239 age group)
went 4:15.24
nat rec was 4:17
BK Ande 59.71 29.40 30.31
jammed 1st & 2nd turns, SDKs 10 10 10 & 7
BR jon smiley 33.90 1:13.02
FL Max stinchcombe 1:06.38 out in 29.30
FRFred LeMaistre 56.13 OUT IN 26.96, fred kinda slipped on his start
might have been better to put me on fly fred on bk & max on FR
had a great time high fiving & tenning my teammates

here's the Men's 200-239 Short Course Meters Relay Records
200 Freestyle Relay 1:40.71
Need to ave 25.17
400 Freestyle Relay 3:47.59
Need to ave 55.86
800 Freestyle Relay 8:26.46* was 8:31
Need to ave 2:06.61
200 Medley Relay 1:53.92
400 Medley Relay 4:17.42* was 4:22

tomorrow: I'm entered in the

Sunday, November 22, 2009
4 x 50 fr relay
26 200 Freestyle 2:06.99 (go for a 50 fr split)
30 50 Backstroke 27.99
34 100 Freestyle 54.99 (SKIP)
36 50 Butterfly 26.99
4 x 100 fr relay
4 x 200 fr relay leasd off 200, goal is to split it well

December 4th - 6th, 2009
2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships at
Long Beach

14 Days till Long Beach

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Updated November 21st, 2009 at 04:21 PM by ande

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar

    27.0 is a very fast first 50. Looking forward to your 50 back/fly tomorrow.

    Closet breaststroker!

    Now we get to see if you'll go even faster in LB with more rest. And perhaps a superior pool?
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Nice 100 IM. Do you think WR might deserve bold? On my blog they would be in bold scrolling blinking multicolored print, but maybe it gets boring when you set so many

    I missed Tyler at the DAM meet, but Mark Glass was knocking out some fast swims in the 35-39 age group. Thankfully both are currently not in my age group, but it is great to see fast swimming.

    Good luck tomorrow.
  3. Medicine Woman's Avatar
    Congrats on the WR!
  4. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice job on the WR!
  5. Syd's Avatar
    Ande, just read about your world record in the general forum. Congratulations! That is really outstanding. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your results.
  6. pwb's Avatar
    GREAT IM. Can't wait to 'see' you get well under 1:00 @ Long Beach