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Mon Nov 30: update from Munich

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by , November 30th, 2009 at 05:04 PM (931 Views)
No formal working out yet, but here's a quick recap of the trip so far--

* left home almost 30 min later than planned (not my fault tho), the United counter at PHX had 3 people working to check-in people for flights to both SFO and ORD, and seemed everyone was going someplace exotic (either Europe or Asia). We got to the gate with just minutes to spare before boarding (no time for the lounge)

* flight got into ORD around 20 min early. The gate for the next flight was just across the hall, and we had 5 hours to kill. Spent around 2-1/2 hours in the lounge, I checked out blogs here, played around on Facebook, Flyertalk, email, etc. We decided to walk over to UA's B gates, were sitting eating @ Wolfgang Puck's, when we saw a guy getting arrested (and he resisted). Such craziness (saw someone get Tasered at LAX a few years ago too!)

* everything was good with getting on the plane to Munich, etc. We were in biz (tricky process with trading miles), I was in my seat, and see the woman across from me struggling to put her carryon in the overhead. Me being nice, I get up and do it. I sit back down, and my seat feels wet. Somehow getting up or sitting down I spilled my pre-departure champagne. I caught it early enough, used my blanket as a towell, and threw the pillow on the floor. The FA came by and I told her what happened, and she brought a fresh pillow, blanket, and another drink.

* I either sleep like a baby on these long flights or not well at all. I thought maybe drinking would help...but it all backfired. The champagne was free-flowing, and I drank it all, and some Kahula after dinner. Then I stared at the map that said where we were at. Somewhere around Greenland I drifted off, and woke up and we were approaching Wales. Maybe about 2 hours. At that point they turned the lights on in coach (they're a bit more gentle in biz). I had put on track pants earlier in the flight (highly recommend this), and I changed back to my jeans. Our breakfast came soon after.

* Arrival, customs, immigration, and transport to town were all a breeze. I've been to Germany about 5 times over the past 2 years (PM if you want to know more), and Munich just in Feb, so I'm nearly an expert...but this time with someone. The major sticking point was our room wasn't ready for a long time. We're at the Hilton-City (great location, right above the S-bahn). So we went out to Marienplatz for a bit, came back, showered, then went to the Olympic site and BMW Welt.

* After seeing the pool again, we went up the tower around 4pm, just before sunset (I don't know how you people who live up north do this). Then went in BMW Welt. I've been here 2 years ago, and ever since said my next vehicle would be an X3 (currently have a Saturn Vue). Asked about tickets for a plant tour and got setup for today.

* I hate to say, but we just grabbed McD's last night, and I hate that, not just missing real food, but it just didn't sit well with me. I fell asleep around 8pm, woke around 2am and had trouble sleeping after.

* Mon--visited the Schloss Nyphenberg and did the BMW tour. I had been to the Schloss in Feb, but got there just before closing. It was nice to see it without bitter cold and snow (that was a horrible trip). The BMW tour was fantastic...started in the Welt with a video, then over to the plant, to the sheet metal area, and through all the places for assembly, painting, and the final bit. All in walked about 3 miles or so today!

* I somehow forgot to bring any swim stuff with me. Odd, as how it takes up such little space, and I bring it on almost every trip, and I brought plenty of running stuff (including my Garmin). So stopped and picked up a suit and goggles (I hadn't seen Adidas swimwear for a while). Hoping to get to the Olympic pool sometime tomorrow.

Along with a swim tomorrow, maybe I'll get in a run. We're heading to Dachau early, depending when we get back will depend what I can do. Then Wed we have an afternoon flight to Berlin (thankfully that's just an hour flight).

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Forgot your swimming stuff?! lol

    Sounds like you're having fun. I never drink on airplanes.
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Other than sitting in Champagne, it sounds like you had a pretty good trip so far.

    Figures that with a 5 hour layover in ORD you would have a 30 second walk between gates.
  3. scyfreestyler's Avatar
    A BMW plant tour would be really nice. They make some awesome sedans and SUV's.

    Tried to go to Dachau in the late 80's, but we happened to be passing through on a day it was closed. Still, I remember a large lump in my throat just looking at the place from the outside.
  4. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Adidas swimwear is big in Europe. Plus, Ian Thorpe was their biggest spokesperson.

    You can get a good workout just from walking at ORD. Carrying luggage, lifting-aerobic combo!

    Damn, you are on vacation and still trying to get your 2x workouts in.
  5. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Have a safe trip!
  6. aztimm's Avatar
    Thanks all for the comments. As I put in my latest entry I didn't make it to Dachau after all. I did get to Auswitz while I was in Europe in college, and nothing quite prepares you for that experience. We may get to Dachau when we're back in Munich at the end of the trip (back for 2 nights after Barcelona before flying back to the US).

    Didn't know how long it would take to get to the airport today and we have plenty of time to enjoy the Lufthansa lounge. Got a little annoyed at first when we got to the business lounge and they told me to go to another lounge...the senator lounge, which is even nicer. I can get used to this :-) There's 2 beers on tap, plenty of bottles, wines, every kind of booze imaginable, plus all kinds of foods. Oh and if you forgot to shower, there's those too.

    Sorry if there's any mistakes, this is a German keyboard.