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Aqua V cap sizing difficulties

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I am looking into getting a slightly better video system than the kind i have now, which, I must say, works well with Skype but not quite so well with YouTube. In any event, if you can endure a certain dyssynchrony of image and voice, which actually reflects the way I am feeling today with my splitting Nyquil hangover, I invite you to watch today's vlog.

PS I once read that Mr. Rogers made his show purposely slowed down and laconic because he felt that kids in this hyper stressed world of ours never got a chance to just watch something soothing and langorously monotone and, well, . It is in this spirit that I present today's video.


PS Word of the Day: laconic. I thought I knew what this word meant, but it turns out I was completely wrong. To wit:

A "laconic phrase" is a very concise or terse statement, named after Laconia (a.k.a. Lacedaemon [Greek Λακεδαίμων]), a polis of ancient Greece (and region of modern Greece) surrounding the city of Sparta proper. In common usage, Sparta referred both to Lacedaemon and Sparta. ...

I don't always "fact check" what I write, so please use this as a cautionary example of why you should never take what I recommend seriously without at leave three second opinions from actually knowledgable sources.

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Updated December 29th, 2008 at 12:59 PM by jim thornton



  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    The speedo logo has to be in the front. Let me know if yours stays on because I got the large one, and it doesn't stay on. I might have to do the medium and give my large one away. I guess that the large one is for the women with alot of hair. Great clip and congrats on your ranking. That 4:40 was just impressive.
  2. jim thornton's Avatar
    Thanks a lot. It is funny about that cap. I think you have a relatively large head, and the medium felt a little small on my head, but it's good to hear yours felt too big. Interesting theory about Big Hair. Maybe they should have two sizes:

    Large: for oversized heads and/or normal heads with Big Hair

    Medium: for oversized heads that are bald and all other heads that have normal amounts of hair.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    I used a medium. It stays on a lot better if you double cap, Tom, and use a regular one underneath. Try that first maybe.
  4. tjrpatt's Avatar
    I will test out at practice. For some reason, silicon caps tend to fall off my big head very easily.
  5. 's Avatar
    I'm glad you posted this about the cap Jim. I was thinking of getting one myself; however, now that I've seen your vlog, I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon. . .

    Do you think that Phelps and co wore the regular caps under this super cap to ensure that super cap would stay on?!
  6. jim thornton's Avatar
    Hi, Puff. Thanks for your comments, and please, please, please keep them coming. There is nothing like the attention of USMS's comely goddess of speed to drive visits to a new Vlog.

    I don't know how short your hair is now, but I think you might be able to get away with the medium cap. At the next meet, I am sure there will be somebody who will let you try out theirs. I personally would be willing to drive to Atlanta myself if you would promise to try out my cap and possibly my suit as well.

    On a completely unrelated note, I was hoping to drive even more traffic to my evolving Vlog by using an age-old sales technique. To wit, would you be willing to send me some pictures of yourself in that red suit that was just a little bit too small for exclusive publication on Vlog the Inhaler?

    I am hoping to start the Vlog the Inhaler swimmer chick of the month feature. Actually, I would prefer it to be the swimmer chick of the day, or even the hour, feature, but with the way things are going, it may end up being Swimmer Chick of the Year.

    I can afford to buy only so many wigs with the way the economy is going, and until actual swimmer chicks agree to be on my Vlog, I have to serve as Swimmer Chick myself.

    Really, who wants that?
  7. 's Avatar
    Why do I feel like Little Red Riding Hood responding to the Big Bad Wolf in regards to sending you my pics?! LOL Ironically, said pics are of me in a little red swim suit (LRRH). And in your latest Vlog, you look like the BBW in a granny stocking hat.

    I think you should put together a USMS calendar made up of all the masters swimmers who would like to participate.
  8. jim thornton's Avatar
    superb idea. i will start a thread along these lines. can i get you to endorse the idea? You can send me pictures, and my twin brother, who teaches computer art, could put the calendar together. I will dig out an old speedo and appear on the cover!

    subject, of course, to marketing approval.