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Nancy H.

Flip Turn Woes, Reposted

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by , January 22nd, 2010 at 02:20 PM (724 Views)
Worked on my flip turns in class last night, which are rusty after using open turns for the hour swim.

Learned a new trick for backstroke flip turns: judging distance to the wall when my feet, rather than my head, pass under the flags. At that point, I only need one backstroke pull before turning over and doing one freestyle pull right down into the somersault. This seems a more effective technique for getting myself into the right spot to initiate the turn.

Also discussed with coach the wide-feet trick Tracy Grilli uses on backstroke turns. Since KP-N also uses this in freestyle, it seems a neat trick for getting more oomph off a flip turn. My problem seems to be not going into the wall with enough power, not tucking tightly enough in the somersault, and an awkward foot plant. All these things are combining to give me the worlds most soggy flip turns; at this point, they're slow as a horse & buggy, but at least I have a sense of what I need to work on. Got to get back into the water and do some basic drills.

[Please God, I am NOT getting sick. I have a party tomorrow and I want to swim on Sunday, so please tell me the weird thing my stomach is currently doing is not a developing case of gastric nasties. Amen.]

OTOH, I tried the tip from the AP backstroke DVD of "sliding" the hips and lo! It really does work. I felt like a rocket going through the water. It looks a little funny when you watch the video, but it definitely adds some momentum to the stroke.

ETA: Reposted to include a category.

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