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Nancy H.

Swimming Sunday

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by , February 7th, 2010 at 06:15 PM (562 Views)
Clocked in 2500 yards this afternoon. Workout included 500 yds breast, 500 yds back, 500 yds free, focusing on points from the Go Swim DVDs. Results are not bad. In two-plus years of swimming with a master's class, my stroke technique has gone from "completely horrible" to somewhere between "moderately crummy" and "okay."

I'm actually semi-amazed at how my breaststroke is progressing. I have the kick down okay, the mini-pull is getting there, I'm holding the glide longer, and the timing is a lot better than it used to be.

Backstroke is pretty decent. What does it say about me that everything makes so much more sense when I'm going backwards?

Freestyle is iffy. Got to work more on that body roll.

Started the flip turns at square one, just somersaulting in the water (eight months ago, I couldn't even manage that much) and worked up until I was flipping comfortably at the wall. It definitely helped that I worked on these first, rather than saving them for later in the workout. My left arm still does that wonky spastic flailing thing, but the turns are definitely there. Didn't try to overdo anything--worked on the turns 'till they felt good, then started working on something else.

It's FREEZING up here in Cow Hampshire. Brr!

Happy weekend!

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