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Nancy H.

I'M Feeling Kinda Tired

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by , February 16th, 2010 at 10:37 AM (832 Views)
Monday class: 1750 yds of mostly IM drills. Loads of kicking. Yowza.

In grumpy-making news, the fly workshop scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Phooey. I may have to sign up for another round of adult lessons this summer if I'm ever going to get the rudiments of fly down.

In better news, I managed 3-4 strokes of breaststroke before dropping the tennis ball. Very jealous of my classmate, who managed a whole 25 without dropping the ball once!

Also, I got the final calculations on my hour swim: my average 50 split was 55.915 seconds, and my standard deviation over the hour (3200 yds) was 1.04, so I was rarely more than a second off pace. This is better than I did last year, so woot! Not bad for a desk worker with an aching lower back.

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