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Nancy H.

Thursday Class

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by , February 19th, 2010 at 11:25 AM (766 Views)
Thursday class, 2500 yds total.

Kind of a 'generic' workout--we worked on streamlining and endurance, and mixed in some IM sets with all the freestyle. I started out feeling tight and grumpy (too many late nights watching the Olympics, LOL), but got looser and stronger as I went along. One thing I love about swimming is that I always feel better when I get out of the pool than I did when I got into it.

My total yardage for 2010 is 29.75 miles, and it's only halfway through February. What an awesome feeling!

Also in happy-making news, I can get a $150 rebate on my club membership through my health insurance. Woo and hoo! That's almost three months' worth of fees!

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