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Nancy H.

Sharing a Lane

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by , February 22nd, 2010 at 02:31 PM (789 Views)
Weekend workout: 2800 yds total.

Worked a lot of flip turns yesterday. I've been taking AZTimm's advice and adding yardage-with-flips gradually, 25 yds at a time, hopefully building up to longer freestyle sets, where I can flip continually without becoming exhausted and having my form completely break down. This definitely seems to be working.

The backstroke turns are slower to come, because of timing issues--figuring out exactly when to turn from back to front, do that last freestyle pull, and somersault. Coming off the wall is easier, but finding that sweet spot going into the wall can be fiendishly tricky.

Also I'm working on freestyle flip turns when I'm swimming along the lane line and circle swimming. That way, if I have to share a lane in class, I can still do the flips. What I was finding is that I can flip fine so long as I have the lane to myself, but that so rarely happens in class. Although I had a lane to myself yesterday, I practiced the turns as though there were someone else with me. We'll see how well things go in class tonight.

More hour swim goodness: last year, my average 50 split was 56.74, and this year it improved to 55.915. My split deviation improved from 1.325 to 1.040. So not only was I faster, I was more consistent. One goal for next year's hour swim is to get the standard deviation down below 1.00.

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