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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

John is Real, Really

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Thanks to the 353 (and counting) of you who viewed my last Vlog. The one criticism I received most consistently about this heartfelt homage to my fellow masters swimmers across this great pool-dappled country of ours was this:

Great assemblage, Jim, but why so many shots of other people? Why not just concentrate only on yourself and people who look sort of like you personally?

As one of the small handful of artists working in the rarefied medium of Masters Swimming Vlog Art, I could very easily have turned my back on such criticisms, shrugging the hues and cries of the "audience" as merely the jejune wimperings of the masses.

But I am not like this!

I appreciate my audience, though God knows that some of the members therein probably are so jejune they don't even know what jejune means!

Forgive a moment of private chortling over a certain befuddled Aryan Nation friend in Arizona.

Okay, composure regained.

As regular readers of this vlog may eventually learn, I have a somewhat sickly nature, though I rarely mention it and never complain about it. I have been sidelined from the pool today due to a fear of explosive emissions of pretty much any stripe imaginable save the one most women who know me actually like to imagine. Thus no swimming to report on today, other, that is, than the swimming of my head. I can say without equivocation that it has Gone the Distance today!

So what I propose to offer you today is a Vlog in the spirit of Partially Swimming Related Subject Matter, if by partial you accept the definition "not very much if at all." Instead, I am including an homage to my wonderful brother John. He is the mind behind the Leslie Livingston SCM butterfly Travesty of Travesty video, the Polar Bear Plunge (both scroffulous and musical versions), the epic Sunk, and pretty much anything you will see on this Vlog that is actually kind of good.

John and I are identical twins, though people who have not met us in the same room often think I have made John up. Some who have met us, while acknowledging some familial resemblance, nevertheless don't think we are identical twins. However, according to the University of Minnesota Twin Study's David Lykken, Ph.D., we definitely are.

One of is is the Good Twin; one the Evil Twin. Perhaps the hard turns my life has forced upon me accounts not only for the discrepancy in our character but in our looks.

John no longer swims, but holds the family records for the 100 freestyle and backstroke, and probably butterfly, too. Neither of us can complete a 100 breaststroke in the alloted time frame, i.e., the length of the entire meet.

If you are of a liberal persuasion, I strongly urge you to visit John's YouTube Channel, Rustyscupperton. If you are frothy-mouthed conservative, and for some reason you miss a swimming practice, you can still get your heart rate up to the target zone by similar visitations.

It is all, as they say, good!

And here is my homage to John, with a little of me in there too, satisfying the earlier request, which I shall briefly recap here again:

Great assemblage, Jim, but why so many shots of other people? Why not just concentrate only on yourself and people who look sort of like you personally?

Just as Trenton makes, and the world takes--so is it that You ask, and Jimby gives!


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  1. chaos's Avatar
    that other guy kinda looks like you...... any relation?
  2. jim thornton's Avatar
    Dave, thanks for the referral to this real nice guy on Facebook. I sent him my bank routing information, and I don't want to sound like I am bragging or anything, but I think pretty soon a lot of people are going to be calling me Mr. Thornton, sir! Who would have thought I, of all people, would have won the Nigerian National Lottery???? I am getting so forgetful, I don't even remember buying the ticket!
  3. chaos's Avatar
    just remember me after...... gotta go ed mcmahan is pulling into the driveway.
  4. quicksilver's Avatar
    Excellent. Enjoyed the soundtrack. Citizen Cope is good stuff.
  5. jim thornton's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I hope Dave liked Citizen Cope better than Enya. We must be catholic in our musical tastes. Next stop: Early Rap.