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Nancy H.


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by , March 31st, 2010 at 03:35 PM (1342 Views)
As of today's workout, I've logged 20.65 miles for March 2010.

My Feb total was 16.82.

My January total (including my hour swim) was 18.76.

My goal for the year is to swim 200 miles, so I'm right on target for that, and might actually go even higher.

Oh yeah, and the flip turns are coming along really well, and I'm comfortable doing them both backstroke and freestyle, and in two very different pools. So: happy time!

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    You should get a cap in the mail in a few weeks.
  2. gigi's Avatar
    Congratulations! Milestones, milestones, milestones! You're making great progress...
  3. Nancy H.'s Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I love my FLOG. When you can track your progress, it really inspires you to want to do more. It's like: hey, I did 18 miles last month--let's see if I can hit 20 this month!

    I also should have mentioned my breaststroke looks a lot better than it used to. My pull is still too wide, but my kick is better, I've caught the trick of pulling the hips forward, and I'm keeping my eyes firmly downward. Not my best stroke ever, but I think I really "get" breaststroke now.

    One of my aims for this summer is to begin learning butterfly (I can dolphin kick, and with fins I can do an alternating-arm stroke, but I'm very weak, and my rhythm is all off). I really want to be able to do a decent IM. Goals, goals!