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I worked hard this morning

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This morning I swam the early longcourse workout with AG masters. My legs already felt fatigued after ballet class last night, and this IM-heavy workout made them even more so. But I love LCM IMs so muchtheyre worth tiring out my legs for. Heres what we did:

600 LCM warmup

500 FR breathing 3/5/7 by 50s [I just did 400 of this]

6 x 100 @ :20 rest: odds = ST (50 drill / 25 K / 25 S), evens = FR desc. [1:34, 1:28, 1:24]

6 x 100 FR @ 1:45, desc. 1-3 and 4-6 [26, 24, 22, 34, 26, 21]
200 FR moderate
5 x 150 @ :15 rest, odds = 200 IM FR, evens = FR
200 FR moderate
4 x 200 IM @ :15ish rest [3:22, 3:27, 3:26, 3:21]
200 FR fast [2:46!]

350 warmdown

Afterwards, I was slow in the locker room, and got reminded how much of a difference taking the cross-town bus 10-15 minutes later in the morning makes. At 7:40 or so, the bus is uncrowded and reasonably quick; when it gets nearer 8, there are tons more commuters, plus school kids, and everyone is packed in and anxious about being late, plus the streets are more trafficky to boot. If I want to dawdle warming down and changing after weekday morning practices here, I just need to be prepared to walk homeit would probably be just as quick, and far more pleasant!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Nice workout. I'm not sure I'd agree about liking LCM IMs ... not at least until I'm in 'LCM shape.' I do like training LCM more than SCY, but fly is painful until I've done a lot more LCM training.
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    I don't necessarily find LC IMs easy, or not painful--I just really like those uninterrupted stretches between walls where it feels like just me and the water. And for some reason, I like them especially well on IMs!