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OK I'm doing it to keep track and in case anyone else wants to know, the information is right here!

I am doing the Y not get fit challenge with my twin mom buddy Joyce and fighting for time to connect with her about it.

I made it to my first Thursday Masters Practice at the Salem Y today and swam 3700! Great feeling!

There were 6 people there for Masters and the coach wasn't there but the workout was a) awesome and b) easily modified to make my own goals relevant.

So, I did the last 4 x 50 on 1:20 IM order and worked my turns. Also did all but the breaststroke on 1:00 instead of 1:20.

I did the 300 as 3 x 75 streamline kick/25 back with fins on 4:00 as free without the fins and really worked my left leg which apparently as a result of doing such a long kick is WAY WEAKER than my left! So I kicked on my side doing Jenny Luker's tightrope drill on the left side for 50 of the 75 kick and worked on relaxing for the swim. It took me just about the whole 4:00.

There was an evil 6 x 100 on 2:00 in there, and it was supposed to be free but I did fly with fins instead and worked my turns and relaxing and using my dolphin tail rather than crunching up from the stress and no air. I only swam one of them the whole way, then started incorporating drills and every time I did swim, concentrating on the mechanics of my turn and keeping my arms out wide to catch the water on entry and stretching out my lower back and using my dolphin tail (that means legs) so I can emphasize both the down and the up-beats of every kick. Way to make it WAY MORE FUN! Next time I hope to have consciousness available (enough air) to remember to check my HR after each 100. I was doing them on 1:30 pretty easily.

There was some set that was supposed to be free but I did it as back. What was it?

Oh yeah it was 6 x 200 as 50 smooth, 50 faster arms 50 big kick 50 swim fast on 4:00 and that took the whole 4 minutes each time or 3:55 at least. I was hurting for air and taking in water in my mouth and nose bigtime. I also need to roll more onto my right side and accellerate my arm pull as I grab the water and use my BICEP to push the water. I am trying to do 10 dolphins off each wall underwater and then pop up, no breath for the first 3 pulls, then start breathing.

Also per Jenny, stop breathing on the walls but IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE on the 100 Fly!

I gotta look up the Baystate Games and see what I can register for that would give me a chance to swim backstroke in a race. The rest would be just a pleasure. I must coordinate that plan with Bo who said she'd give me a ride!

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